Meanwhile in Greece…

July dawned on Greece ominously; with shuttered banks and shattered dreams and a huge dept and a default and an upcoming referendum and queues by worried pensioners in front of the few banks that opened to facilitate people with no debit cards (in Greece, elderly pensioners without debit cards are the majority) and faintings and panic and the very real possibility of an exit from the eurozone and the EU and the unnerving uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring.

Conversations become intense – drama was after all invented here – sleep becomes troubled, plans become short-term, revolving around a YES or a NO and the knowledge that such a crucial decision now, for the first time, falls upon the people – not their elected representatives. A burden too heavy for some, an unprecedented privilege for others. A question with no straight forward answer.

But then you wake up to these (at least, if you are a lucky holidaymaker):


The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko, Milos island


Geometrics of Plaka, Milos island


Klima, one of the most picturesque fishing villages on Milos



And wonder what the hell has happened to this country.

Then you take a deep breath, embrace the beauty and go on living. Yes or no, in our out, rain or shine (but mostly shine).

Greetings from troubled, wonderful Greece.



Scenic and peaceful. An urban utopia with children playing on the lush green lawn and ducklings flapping and squawking in the pond. ”The Continuous Life” curved in marble and those EYES of Louise! I could swear I was looking at a pair of boobs, up until I read the title. It made me smile… I wasn’t the only one, was I?











Walking along the Hudson River Greenway.

Shared credits for  images (Lia & Konstantinos)

New York, 06 June 2014

The Light was Blue

”And above all else, the Hudson River was like the light — oh, more than anything it was the light, the light, the tone, the texture of the magic light in which he had seen the city as a child, that made the Hudson River wonderful”. [….]






The light was blue,
Steep frontal blue,
Like morning underneath the frontal cliff of buildings,
The light was vertical cool blue, hazed with thin morning mist,
The light was blue,
Cold flowing harbor blue of clean cool waters rimed brightly with a dancing morning gold,
Fresh, half-rotten with the musty river stench,
Blue with the blue-black of the morning gulch and canyon of the city,
Blue-black with cool morning shadow as the ferry,
Packed with its thousand small white staring faces turned one way,
Drove bluntly toward the rusty weathered slips.

Of Time and the River, by Thomas Wolfe

Walking along the Hudson River Greenway.

New York, 06 June 2014