Level 4

What is most unnerving is the silence. The dreamy eerie quietness that follows a heavy snowfall or a blast. People are stunned, zombie-like, suspicious. I walk with permanent goose bumps and feel slightly sick in the stomach. Still, that’s more than the dead can say. A different corner, a day earlier or later, and I could have been there too. In Zaventem or in Maelbeek. This is not close to home. This is home. Such is the inevitability of death, the fragility of life.



20 thoughts on “Level 4

  1. Ah Lia — there shouldn’t be turns. I am glad you are safe, I am sorry for the victims, I am tired that people cannot get it together, I am sad that there are humans out there who do not value Life.
    Sending love and a huge hug. XO

    • Still feeling the aftershock. On one hand the terrorism, on the other the sad and thorny story of migration – Europe goes through a very dark time. We just have to keep our cool and do the best we can. A huge hug back xoxo

    • Itˋs been a shock, the kind that you guys have already had, and itˋs our turn. Thatˋs just how it will be for some time, extremism is only going to thrive if the West keeps acting the way we do. And I canˋt even start thinking what would happen if some Trump-like imbecile gets his way… Aie aie aie… Thanxxx for thinking of us, we need the love so much!

  2. Thinking of you. Sp glad you’re okay. What a terrible time we’re living through. I’m so sorry it had to strike your lovely city. Although it will always be someone’s city… Hope you’re able to find serenity in the eerie quiet. XO!

    • Itˋs terrifying. Brussels had escaped something at this level but the extremists are now striking everywhere so it was a matter of time, I guess. We had our dress rehearsal with the lockdown when nothing happened and now boom! As you say, it will always be someoneˋs city… see whatˋs been happening in Turkey lately – and no serenity Iˋm afraid, just more racism against all muslims that live here for generations. Loose-loose. xxx

    • Thank you Virginia! The first thing we did was look for our co-workers – it took a couple of hours to have everyone accounted for because the mobile phones crashed. It’s comforting how people stick together and try to help in such circumstances. xxx

    • I’m really really shocked, not that it was unexpected, still the timing, the places, that’s a whole new world we have to learn to live in, here in Brussels… We were preparing to come over to yours – we’ll see if/when we can make it!

      • It’s so very frightening and what’s most scary is that it seems this will keep happening. It makes us all feel so vulnerable but I also refuse to change my life and give in to these barbarians…

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