Crete #3 The blue lagoon of Balos

Until only a few years ago it was easier reached by boat from the nearby port of Kissamos. The dirt road leading to the peak was long, difficult and bumpy, accessible only by 4×4 off-road vehicles. I remember once, I had to park my small rental car on the side and walk the last part for more than two hours.

Nowadays it is straightened and paved, and even large buses can reach the top. And there is a 1-euro toll, paid in advance. I’m not sure how legal this is, the money collected by a girl in shorts, no identification, no uniform, no receipt. I read in the local news that it was an initiative by the municipal authority, possibly with an eye to making a profit by exploiting the road traffic, as opposed to other interests who benefit from the boat cruises.

But accessible roads and increased traffic also mean inadequate parking space (the existing one has only slightly been enlarged), cars parked on the side of the already narrow street obstructing the larger buses, in short a general pandemonium that extends all the way down to the beach.

To reach the beach from the car park, you must walk down a path for about 20′ – it takes a bit longer on the way up. To enjoy a few quiet, unspoiled hours go early in the morning to beat the boats and most of the road traffic. Late afternoons are not recommended because it gets dark quickly and the path is not lit.






02 July 2015, Balos, Kissamos



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