Crete #1 Elafonissi

Stunning. Shallow waters separate the mainland from a tiny islet, so shallow one can walk along. The dunes. Sand with pink highlights, naturally tinted by tiny red organisms and seashell fragments. Elafonissi is a protected Natura 2000 area, although you wouldn’t know it as you walk past the tightly packed sunbeds and canteens catering for the hundreds of beachgoers.

Victim of its beauty. Don’t ever go there during peak times, so awfully packed is it with bus-, boat- and carloads arriving all day. Do go early or late. A breathtaking walk at sunset. And may be a dip in the shallows in the moonlight if it is warm enough.













Elafonissi, 30 June 2015

Shared image credits (Konstantinos & Lia)


20 thoughts on “Crete #1 Elafonissi

      • No, it’s good. But this far out of season (I mean it’s practically still winter in March), everything will be super quiet. There will only be a few places open and the locals will be friendlier, they’ll have more time to strike up conversations and give you tips and directions. The area of Sfakia is close by, the village is lovely and mountainous and you can go hiking to the White Mountains protected forest. If warm enough, you might go walking alongside Agios Pavlos or Triopetra beaches (stunning) but the water will be too cold for swimming (it’s very cold even in summer). And Rethymnon is a lively town, my favourite of all principal cities.

      • Sorry, don’t know why I had March in mind ( actually, I do: it’s bc I’m fixing a trip to the UK then :-)) All I said about Crete is true for May too, a bit less quiet. Still out of season but warmer, you may even try to dip your tows in the water!

      • Fabulous about the trip to the UK, enjoy and travel safely. I just want a little sun and relaxation. We are sitting at -1F = -18.3333 celsius. Coldest in NYC since the 1990’s.

    • It really is a wonderful place for sunsets! Thanks for the updated link, I’ll be using it myself – there’s so much I have yet to discover! Btw, I meant to tell you about Eglise Saint-Augustin (Art Deco). Check it out. x

  1. No one there! It was definitely packed when I was there. Loved Elafonisi. I didn’t really have that much good shots of it. Maybe one day I’ll post about it. Beautiful, beautiful captures!

    • Thank you! That’s precisely why I underlined the part of never going there during peak hours. Sunset is my favourite time because I’m not an early bird. Will keep an eye on your future posts – who knows what else I may spot 😉

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