My kind of town

We love you NEW YORK  2764  You guys are AWESOME!


NYPD officer: “Someone complained about you so we’re just gonna act like we’re talking to you . . .” 


11 thoughts on “My kind of town

  1. I saw that yesterday and thought genius too, Rock stars. Wish I’d seen them live.
    Then I read an interesting take on it that made me pause. It was from a different point of view: “Oh to be a white guy in New York.”
    You can’t take away the cool factor of the video and the ballsiness of the skiers but I could understand the other reaction too, given the current climate here.

    • Whoa some people sure know how to spoil the fun! C’mon there are so many more serious cases and occasions to argue about race, colour, gender, ethnicity and be an advocate for human/individual/civil rights. Why can we not just sit back and enjoy the moment – together? That comment sounds to me like reverse racism…

      • Ha! That could have been staged for all we know. It seems the cops knew who these guys were, anyway. So to those who argue for the sake of argument, I say: Of course, I’m well aware of the inequalities and horrors and suffering, and wrongdoings of the police, we all are, but I refuse to be made to feel guilty for having innocent fun at the expense of no one – except those guys, that is, who were out there for hours trying to get a few minute’s worth of footage. Oh man!

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