Plastic nightmares come true @ The Village

So you thought that Brussels was all stylish art nouveau with a few bold art deco gems to break the monotony of its neoclassical eclectic style architecture?

Well, you thought right – but only in part.

For this is a city as multifaceted as her hidden gems, with every face sparkling in its own distinct way, elegant and dull, pretty and ugly, unique and banal all at once. And all faces interlaced into the multicultural living form that is Brussels.

Take, for example, the Atomium, the most recognized landmark of Brussels. At the foot of this sparkling retro-futuristic structure lies Bruparck, an enormous complex with cinemas (Kinepolis), a water park complete with a wave swimming pool and slides (Océade), a theme-parc with miniatures of Europe’s most famous monuments (Mini-Europe); and then, there is ”The Village”.

Designed to resemble a typical downtown Brussels’ street with bars and restaurants, built to offer ”a delicious meal in heavenly surroundings…” (their description); what it actually offers is a nosedive deep into the tacky, the gaudy and the kitsch – deep enough to send the unsuspecting aesthete into a good headbanging fit:













Oops! Good taste sensors in short-circuit


10 thoughts on “Plastic nightmares come true @ The Village

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    • Oh no, it’s reaaaally bad beyond redemption 🙂 All the plastic and none of the kitsch charm. So these were petunias? I think they were real surprisingly enough. Don’t know what this installation was supposed to be but it’s only adding to the general cacophony. Away, away…

  2. AB was reading a book earlier today about architecture in Brussels, which included projects that looked interesting (and good) but never materialised. Love the headbanging series of pics in this ‘tragic’ setting!

    • Hehe it started spontaneously, about 5′ into the horrors of The Village. After the second round, I thought it would be fun to make a little headbanging series.
      Pity (but not surprising) that this project won over others that didn’t materialise – although, to be fair, it might have looked equally interesting in a book. In practice though 😦 …

    • I know! We managed about 10′ while waiting for a film. It was a special evening and the only place the film would open, otherwise I avoid the cinema complex too. I prefer something closer to ‘human scale’. As for ‘the village’, a total no-no. xxx

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