Ios #3 The Repository

~ of good intentions

According to the guide book, this is the Museum of Yannis Gaitis – Gabriella Simosi, where you can see a collection of works by the great painter, who became famous for his ”faceless people”, and his wife’s sculptures.

In reality, it stands empty ever since it was built in 2008 because, according to our local source, it would have been impossible to maintain and safeguard the artworks. Did this vital fact emerge only after it was completed? What were the intrigues that brought about its abandonment? Will it ever fulfill its purpose? Only time will tell.

Until then, it will lay bare in splendid solitude, its only companions the musical sound of the wind that whistles through crevices, the bleaching sun rays over its blinding white surfaces, so reminiscent of a 1960’s European art film set, the cooling rain that washes away the  dust. And us.

Let us enjoy it while it lasts.













An (extra)ordinary place

Ios, 25-29 June 2015


11 thoughts on “Ios #3 The Repository

    • Thank you Resa! Before going to Ios I had no idea about his tomb either. Not curious enough I guess. But I was glad to discover this zen place – I still remember how calm it felt, despite the strong wind!

  1. Lia, I’ve just been scrolling back through all the posts that I’ve missed and I am totally enraptured by all the photos of Greece. They are stunning… you do manage to find the most extraordinary places. So fabulous.

    • It really is a mirror of how things work (or not) in Greece: start off with good intentions but no long term planning (sometimes not even a short term one), then leave things to rot away while arguing about who/what should be done. All that lost potential… it is really sad! xxx

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