Pa ta tri * Pa ta tra


19 and 20 September 2015 is Journées du Patrimoine/Heritage Days weekend in Brussels.
This year, it is themed Workshops, factories and offices”.

My top picks:

Citroën Garage and Workshops
City of Brussels Archives – Old Waucquez Factory
BNP PARIBAS FORTIS – Former Headquarters of Société Générale
Plaster Casting Workshop of the Royal Museums of Art and History 
Meininger Hotel – Former Belle-Vue Breweries
Cité Mommen

I don’t know if I can make it to all but, in anticipation, I’ll just leave this here: #epitome_of #quirky #Belgian_Humour


7 thoughts on “Pa ta tri * Pa ta tra

  1. Hello, which did you visit in the end? We made it to the archives – it’s a cool building and I especially like the split level staircases at each floor. Also went to CIVA (Centre International pour la Ville, l’Architecture et le Paysage) as it was near home and learned about the water reservoirs in Brussels.

    Are you going to some of the art deco/nouveau buildngs participating in next month’s biennial? We’ve got reservations for two weekends including Hotel Tassel. Quite excited!

    • We managed just the Citroen building and the Atelier de Moulage at Cinquantenaire, both of which I had been longing to visit for years! Very happy 🙂
      Yes, we’re going to the art deco/nouveau too: booked the we 10/11 Oct – Tassel is on 11/10. May be meet you guys around there?

      • I had considered the Citroen building but in the end, we decided to keep it nearer to home 😉 We are going to be at Maison Tassel on the last weekend instead. Andrew’s out of town the second weekend of October. But we shall be calling on you guys soon for a get-together 🙂

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