milos #13 windows of decay

~ at the old sulphur mines, Paliorema

WP_20150623_16_14_20_Proi WP_20150623_16_16_55_Proi
WP_20150623_15_41_05_Proi IMG_20150623_161525i IMG_20150623_161611i IMG_20150623_161652i IMG_20150623_161659i IMG_20150623_161710i IMG_20150623_161933i IMG_20150623_161939i
 ... the miners used to stay here during the week. 
They lived in caves and huts and it was only in 1937 that rooms were built to accommodate them. 
Every Saturday, they were walking to their homes and every Sunday evening they walked back. 
When production stopped, furniture and equipment was left behind...

23 June 2015

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