milos #11 kleftiko

Don’t leave Milos without taking a boat tour around the island, at least once! And don’t leave it for last, or you risk not going at all – boats are subjects to the whim of the wind, and the winds blow strong in this part of the world!

A word of advice all locals seemed to agree with, and for good reason as we were about to find out.




IMG_20150624_111340i IMG_20150624_111344i


We had high winds on most of our six-day stay, blowing from various directions. Swimming was not affected as Milos is laced with beautiful beaches all over its croissant-shaped volcanic land; all we had to do was check where the wind blew from and go to a beach on the opposite direction. Boats, however, have to adjust their itineraries based on weather conditions and sometimes trips do not take place at all.

We didn’t go for a full island-round trip because we were only interested in one place: Kleftiko – Κλέφτικο (from the Greek klephtēs = thieves), a cove on the southwest coast, renowned for its amazing rock formations that create a natural hide out, used as a pirates’ lair for many a year, until piracy took on a different context and drifted away from the Aegean and the European continent.





We opted for the ”Zephyros”, a traditional 15m wooden boat that sails from Agios Sostis on a four-hour round trip to Kleftiko. After a short introduction, Captain Dimitris and his First Mate Miltos went about their business leaving us to enjoy the trip, laid back on the sun deck under a white canvas tent, succumbing to the warm gentle breeze and the hypnotic rhythmic movement of the boat…


The chill out pose

… and be mesmerised by the landscape. We dropped anchor for an hour. Swimming under those arches, the sun rays reflecting off the clear sandy seabed, spreading myriads of crystalline formations on the water and the smooth surface of the rock, was simply surreal.



On the way back we made a short stop at Gerontas Bay. This, as the captain explained, was not a given because the rocks there form a canyon, prone to strong wind currents which cause boats to go adrift. It was our lucky day.


Our cool captain



The pose of complete and utter contentment

There are so many boat trips of various lengths and itineraries, the only difficulty is to choose. But an evening stroll at the pier in Adamantas, where most of the boats dock and crew members are keen to hand out information and take reservations, will help you decide. A trip on the ”Zephyros” costs 25 euros – have a look on their facebook page for contacts.

Shared photo credits (Lia & Konstantinos)

Kleftiko, 24 June 2015


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