milos #8 colour block {sýrmata}

From the ancient theatre you can follow a step path that leads to the sea and the old fishing village of Klima. But beware, on your way you may meet the guardians of the path!

They call them Mesimeriates (Μεσημεριάτες = Noondays) for they only come out in hot midsummer afternoons to scare intruders away. They are tiny and nasty, and if you are not careful they will pinch your toes with their razor-sharp arrowheads made of obsidian, the black rock extracted from the island’s volcanic earth for thousands of years.

To save you from the nasty elves (and the midsummer afternoon heat) you can take the asphalt road. If you go by car, you will know you have arrived once you see cars parked on the side of the narrow two-way road. Don’t get carried away or you’ll find yourself at the end of the road with only a few scoops of sand between you and the sea.

From the seafront, the village looks like one big colour block nest of quaint little houses, their back walls carved directly into the rock, their front doors opening -literally- two steps from the sea.

The houses used to be fishermen dwellings and are called ”syrmata” from ”syro – σύρω”, meaning ”to pull” (and not as I thought at first, from ”syrma – σύρμα”, meaning ”wire”), because the fishermen used to pull their boats inside to protect them from stormy weathers. The upper floor was used as a shelter so they wouldn’t have to walk back home every day. Nowadays, most can be rented as holiday homes and if (when) I visit Milos again, I will definitely seek to stay here for a short wi-fi detoxifying and energy rebalancing colour therapy.


Shared photo credits (Lia & Konstantinos)

Klima, 22 June 2015


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