milos #6 wind {Tripiti}


Better yet, Rent-a-Mill.

On a plateau at Tripiti, a settlement adjoining Plaka. The windmills date from the 19th century and most have been given a second life but converting them into holiday homes. Those not converted stand empty, roofless and lonely, quite eerie. The homes are too big for a couple but ideal for families or small groups looking for a romantic holiday retreat. Very picturesque. And windy!

22 June 2015





Shared photo credits (Lia & Konstantinos)


9 thoughts on “milos #6 wind {Tripiti}

  1. Always wanted to live in a tower (round structure), though the Greek climate wouldn’t suit my Arctic blood, maybe an abandoned lighthouse in the Hebrides…
    Lovely pictures, I would choose the last windmill in your series to occupy, there must be a nice sea breeze to catch up there. Best wishes, Russell.

    • I would LOVE to live in a lighthouse in the Hebrides… in summer and fully geared up for winter 🙂
      Milos’ windmills are less dramatic but I looked them up, they are really charming with wooden panels and furniture and that splendid view! It is indeed a breezy spot, people find it too breezy at times, but what a relief on a hot summer day! x

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