milos #2 engraving {Sarakiniko}

tombé à la renverse~
~head over heels
artistic intervention on natural landscape
sharp object on mudstone
artist unknown

20 June 2015

4 thoughts on “milos #2 engraving {Sarakiniko}

  1. Hmmm…I was just reading an article about how this form of “art” has become a nightmare at some places because they vandalized by people engraving their names on the rocks or drawing stupid things. And what used to be a beautiful rocky landscape is now an endless list of names and stupid drawings… I don’t mind graffiti, since it’s something that can be undone but carving on rocks and trees and altering natural beauty…no…just no…

    • Totally agree, saw some names there too but not too many, most people seem to respect the landscape which is just awesome anyway… this little fellow was standing by his own and seemed so cute. Also, the damage is not permanent since the spot is mainly soft mudstone – he will dissapear with time.

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