Wall art ~ Lighting ~ Patterns ~ Stripes

IMG_20150615_225325 IMG_20150615_225341 IMG_20150615_225353 IMG_20150615_225405 IMG_20150615_225422IMG_20150618_214116 IMG_20150618_214207IMG_20150618_214218IMG_20150618_214234IMG_20150618_214225

Images of street art in Plaka under dim yellow lights. Athens is covered in graffiti, now more than ever, and the historical centre is no exception. While most graffiti tagging is just crap and degrading – especially where listed buildings and monuments are involved – there is some really elaborate and interesting stuff to be found.

The patterns, stripes and fake palm tree are from Faust, a music bar we just happened to walk by. I was attracted by its vintage, kitsch burlesque theatrical decor, but we only stayed long enough to look around and steal some snapshots.

Athens, 15-19 June 2015


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