Little Ireland-upon-Hudson

Of all the strange and fascinating things I came across along the Hudson River Greenway walk, this was the one I least expected: an Irish hillside, ”complete with stone walls with stones from all of the different counties and native vegetation brought in from the western coast of Ireland” [source].



Standing at the lower part of the hill, I found myself in an Irish field – I could almost smell the countryside.





Powerful, loving, deeply humane, the Irish Hunger Memorial was commissioned to commemorate the great Irish famine of 1845-52.

Shared credits for  images (Lia & Konstantinos)

New York, 06 June 2014


14 thoughts on “Little Ireland-upon-Hudson

    • Yes, depends on your point of view, right? But the structure is also deceiving. You can’t guess its real size or shape, unless you step inside. Then it starts unraveling and there is a point where if you look ahead you see nothing but grassland! (From my height at least 🙂 )

    • True. I’m reading that the Irish American population today is over 10% and apparently concentrated mainly in/around Boston and NY state. Small wonder they would have commissioned a memorial – but I hadn’t expected to find such a lovely little piece of Ireland on that walk…

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