Scenic and peaceful. An urban utopia with children playing on the lush green lawn and ducklings flapping and squawking in the pond. ”The Continuous Life” curved in marble and those EYES of Louise! I could swear I was looking at a pair of boobs, up until I read the title. It made me smile… I wasn’t the only one, was I?











Walking along the Hudson River Greenway.

Shared credits for  images (Lia & Konstantinos)

New York, 06 June 2014


9 thoughts on “Eyes-on-Utopia

  1. Love love love that first photo. Sometimes the human race is really amazing, the things that we (they) do. And those pounds are so Monet. By the way: I just discovered your comment in my blog. I am so glad you found me after I move without notice.

    • NYC architecture is indeed amazing. And to think that right behind this utopia, there is Ground Zero. We didn’t go, couldn’t bear it.
      Will be checking you new site for updates (or perhaps better on facebook?) xxx

    • Also in the mind of the maker. I think that’s what makes Louise’s work so successful. Photos from Greece will follow on my return, so after ”spending” June in NY, your patience will be rewarded in July and August. 🙂 Meanwhile, if you’re on Twitter, check me out (there’s this Twitter widget at the bottom of my wordpress pages too). I hope that will whet the appetite until then. x

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