One year ago in June: Hudson River Greenway


Hudson ~ The River That Flows Both Ways

Salt water enters the Hudson River during high tide, when water from the Atlantic Ocean is flooding the river.  At the same time, there is a constant flow of fresh water flowing from the north to the south. As the tide rises, the river flows north, and as the tide falls, the river flows south (source). 

It is said, that if one threw a stick into the river upstream in Albany, it would take many months – a year even – before it reached New York City.

It would take you a full day to walk all 51,5 km (32 miles) around Manhattan’s coastline – assuming you were quite mad focused and took only a few breaks.

Or you could just walk along the 4,5 km esplanade, starting at the Gansevoort Street (south end of the High Line), all the way down to Battery Park. Only a small part of the great Hudson River Greenway but with so much going on, it could easily keep you busy for the better part of the day.

In the following weeks, ”Lia in Brussels” (the blog), will stay on that southern tip of Manhattan soaking up the amazing views and artwork, while Lia (the person), will actually be stocking up on Vitamin D under the golden sun, somewhere in the Aegean.

And they say one can’t be in two places at once…


Floating both ways, along the Hudson River Greenway.

Images by Konstantinos Implikian

New York, 06 June 2014


14 thoughts on “One year ago in June: Hudson River Greenway

  1. Lia, my neck of the Greenway is further up in the 20’s-40’s and that 50km walk? That is just one day of the Vierdaagse (Four Days March) in the Nederlandse — you could have done it! (and had sore feet afterwards…) Hey, I did the 4 days of 50 kms, but I did train for it.
    Enjoy your trip! I think the water might be prettier to look at in the Aegean. Safe travels.

  2. 51,5 km is too much even for someone who is mad enough to walk a lot everyday…the most i do is about 20-25km…So the esplanade route sounds more appealing 😛 Looking forward to see more and enjoy the sun 😀 I’ll have to settle with the Austrian sun for this summer…no Greece for me…

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