Meet Liédo the giant wanderer who, one mild autumnal night, made a stop to Wolubilis to tell the world the story of Venus.

Venus is the journey of one man lasting several decades. We follow him on his path to exile when he had to leave his country in the brink of war; upon returning thirty years later he retraces his past, revisiting his origins. The two paths will collide and the shock will be violent; the fall inevitable.

Venus evokes the paths we traverse throughout our lives; paths marked by inner conflict, escapism, errant paths: how does it feel  to be a total stranger – even to oneself? A stowaway, hiding from your own life?

It is the story of a man walking, stumbling, kneeling, rising. Liédo is the straw giant with the kind heart and helps us see further, far beyond the horizon, far beyond ourselves; his gaze is a guideline to the scrupulous, fragile, life-long learning process that is Love.










Vénus is a dreamlike creation by Compagnie l’Homme debout, written and directed by BeNoît Mousserion. Check their website for news because, who knows where Liédo – or one of his fellow gentle giants – will come to next…

Part of the Fêtes RomanesFestival des Arts de la Rue, on 27 & 28 September 2014
Wolubilis, Woluwe Saint Lambert


8 thoughts on “Vénus.Not.Valentine

    • Hey, I’ve been away for a while (apotoxinosi :-))
      It’s really an amazing piece of teamwork and the marionette itself, made of straw, sturdy and fragile at the same time. And there is nothing kitschy about it at all which is difficult, I think, for constructions of that size. xx

    • Oooh! it was amazing… over 7 m tall and with all the light & music, it’s just magical. Also, I was intrigued by the number of people and amount of coordination work it takes to just take a step – I’m full of admiration for these guys!

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