Happy New Year 2015


Wishes, Icicles & Snow from lovely Krakow

Let it be good, let it be naughty, let it be yours

Remember: The best is yet to come


18 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015

    • Oh Jackie, I was enjoying the first few days of 2015 so much and then Charlie Hebdo happened. And now we have to live with it, if only in honour of those who are no more. So, yes, let’s do the best we can – so long we can! xoxoxo

      • I know. Something like that really throws the whole world in a kind of tilt and makes everyone feel the potential for bleakness.
        But yes, we do the best we can, lead the way Captain! xox

    • Thank you so much Kate – it was going pretty well until yesterday! Since then I can’t do much else than reading about Charlie Hebdo and trying to digest the real implications. But yes, we have the whole year ahead of us inshallah! xxx

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