Motion Perfect

Nude, not naked. Sensual resonance, aesthetic harmony, masterful technique, composition. An idyll to the plasticity of the human figure. Ethereal. Fragile. Almost mythical. A body of work flirting with Symbolism and the Viennese Secession. An irresistible courtship.

Bewegungsstudien || Motion Studies


Bewegungsstudie || Motion Study, 1925. In front Claudia Issatschenko



Doppelakt || Two Nudes (Russian Dancers), 1925



Bewegungsstudie || Motion Study, 1925/1928


Bildhauer mit modell

Bildhauer mit Modell || Sculptor and Model, c. 1925



Bewegungsstudie || Motion Study, 1925



Composition, 1925


Im Schosse der natur

Im Schosse der Natur || In the Bosom of Nature, 1923



Composition, 1925



Figurenstudie || Group of Figures, c. 1927. On the right, Anna and Liselotte Koppitz

Der Steinwerfer

Der Steinwerfer || The Stone Thrower, 1923 (self portrait)


Aktstudie Anna

Aktstudie || Nude Study, 1923 (Anna Koppitz)



Figurengruppe || Group of Figures, c. 1923



Aktstudie || Nude Girl, c. 1927

Rudolf Koppitz (1884 – 1936)

Scanned from a postcard booklet sitting on a pile of books in front of the mantelpiece, decommissioned a long time ago, in place of a fire; the cheap print and basic scanner adding a grainy texture and a sweet aura of nostalgia.

The first photograph, ”Motion Study”, is included in the ”Masters of Light: Treasures from The Royal Photographic Society Collection”  exhibition at the London Science Museum’s Media Space gallery, until March 2015.




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