Brussels Sprouts by Rodrigo Bueno | CAB | Out of Character

Over the course of 2013, eight Belgian and French collectors were invited by CAB Art Center to each individually support a project led by an artist of their choice who is not represented by a gallery in Belgium. Each collector thus gave an emerging artist the opportunity to produce a project which they would otherwise have been unable to work on through lack of space or means. The result is an array of eight ambitious and impressive creations, each generously financed by a collector.

The creations went on display in CAB, an art centre dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art that opened its doors in 2012, in a converted 1930s Art Deco ex-warehouse off Place Flagey, one of Brussels’ main cultural and social hubs.

A very interesting concept with fresh, site-specific work; I was particularly drawn to a project by Brasilian artist Rodrigo Bueno who lives and works out of his Ateliê Mata Adentro, in Sao Paolo. Mata Adentro translates as ”Into the Forest” or ”Jungle Inside”. Bueno works only with natural materials collected and rescued from waste, mainly wood and plants. His art revolves around the ”Anthropology – Anthroposophy – Ecosophy” triangle, a study on ecological harmony, equilibrium and sustainability.

His installation in CAB was sponsored by Sandra Hegedus Mulliez, an artist and collector also born in Sao Paulo but living in France since 1990. It consisted entirely of materials reclaimed from Brussels and was created literally in situ. Aptly titled ”Brussels Sprouts”, it epitomized the essence of symbiotic relationships between collector and artist, creator and patron, urban and natural ecosystem.









Bueno’s installations were ”planted”  around the exhibition space – they all looked like they were growing organically from the concrete, creating a strangely warm antithesis with the stark white interior.




”Brussels Sprouts” was part of  the ”Out of Character” group exhibition, shown in April-June 2014.

CAB Art Center
32-32 Rue Borrens

26 April 2014

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


8 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts by Rodrigo Bueno | CAB | Out of Character

  1. That is an amazing exhibition, i really wish i could visit it! As a person who loves abandoned places and how nature always manages to take over, this would have been really interesting! 😀 It’s also a splendid setting for a photoshoot, don’t you think? I find it really inspiring! Once again, thank you for sharing it with us Lia! 😀

    • Oh yes, you’d have loved a photoshoot there – and for once, photography Was allowed! I wonder what has happened to the installation after the exhibition – has it been left somewhere to be totally reclaimed by nature? I like this idea 🙂

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