One day the sadness will end.

April found the contemporary art scene sizzling with creative energy. The Art Brussels 2014 masterminds were putting the final touches to a year-long preparation, getting ready to welcome 190 contemporary art galleries from all over the world, themselves representing some 2000 artists.

A three-day affair. An art fair so massive, it’s overwhelming; a few steps in and confidence gives way to confusion, excitement turns to daze, awareness switches into autopilot.

And what is it about contemporary art that feels like you’ve walked into one dark, scary Halloween phantasmagoria?

DSC01215iiDSC01213iiDSC01214ii DSC01216ii DSC01217ii DSC01219ii DSC01222ii DSC01223ii DSC01225ii DSC01234iiDSC01235iiDSC01232iiDSC01233iiDSC01237iiDSC01241iiDSC01242ii DSC01248iiDSC01261iiDSC01262iiDSC01253iiDSC01212iiDSC01226ii

Art Brussels
24-26 April 2014

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


8 thoughts on “One day the sadness will end.

    • It is isn’t it… contemporary art does tend to be unsettling, disturbing at times… and that can be beautiful too. This year, I didn’t spot any really unsettling work however – that’s of course very subjective…

    • Oh yes, but it can never be possible to see everything. It’s like a huge supermarket where you get so intimidated you forget what you came in for in the first place! I try to go every other year or so, otherwise burnout as you say! xxx

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