New York, like Paris: window shopping

I grow weary of department stores any day, as much as of supermarkets on a Saturday. The idea of navigating through floors of slightly different but largely similar luxury goods is rather unappealing, the uniformity of neatly packed racks is dispiriting, the luck of originality irritating. Department stores are certainly not high (if at all) on my wish-list when I travel. Unless…

Unless they boast such awe-inspiring features as the monumental dome of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, the iconic half-timber framed exterior and the splendid wooden interior of Liberty of London, or the original wooden escalators, amazingly still in operation, in Macy’s New York.


I got to discover these marvelous, last surviving remnants – manufactured by Otis Elevator Company in 1902 – just in time, before they become too cumbersome to maintain or deemed too unsafe by current standards  (thank you Dievca, for pointing me in the right direction)!


On the other hand, I love window shopping; any day, any where! One of my favourite pastimes, not only it relaxes and helps defrag my brain but it is also the most delightful way to get acquainted with fashions, trends and habits in places I visit.

I enjoy learning what people like to wear, eat, read or listen to; how they accessorize their homes; I savour the occasional element of surprise, occurring at the most unexpected places.

Fancy joining me at an intercontinental city walk? Let’s see how New York and Paris share colours, styles and – most of all – ambience!


Spend a small fortune on a floral bouquet print ensemble spotted in Madison Avenue, then another – slightly bigger fortune – so you can put your feet up in sumptuous style, over in Paris. Both made in Italy (or so the labels say).

Shopping NYC 1i

Shopping PAR 3i

Explosion of colour. Every shade, hue and tone – the entire Pantone chart in one Midtown Manhattan shop. Some escaped and stained Cardin’s futuristic hats and dresses, in Paris.

Shopping NYC 2i

Shopping PAR 2i


Shopping NYC 3i

Shopping PAR 1ii

MacKenzie-Childs ceramics are an acquired taste but it was love at first sight at Mam’zelle Swing’s… that ’50s beauty would have been mine but for the mid-August break!


Shopping PAR 4i


Shopping NYC 4i

1 DSC01493i

Tourist trap vs Rat trap. Guess who’s winning?

1 DSC02154i

4 DSC04049i

Riddle me this, riddle me that, where can I pick up my brand new iMac?

4 WP_20140605_19_24_08i

2 DSC01492i


6 WP_20140620_12_20_06i

6 DSC01486i


7 WP_20140620_12_20_36i

7 DSC01491i


8 WP_20140620_12_21_21i

5 DSC01480t

Taking a break but still bubbling over… where shall we go next, I wonder?


Photosets in pairs: first one from New York, second from Paris.

Shared credits: (Konstantinos & Lia)

New York, June 2014
Paris, August 2014

16 thoughts on “New York, like Paris: window shopping

    • Thank you so much! It’s so difficult to find a pic of me which is presentable – even then, bubbly editing is necessary! 🙂

      Hope you find some time to post about your trip – it would be great to see Paris for your point of view! xxx

  1. Oh more dash than cash in this shopping trip, I love it!
    Although must confess I cannot bear Macy”s, wooden escalator or not, I cannot do that establishment.
    Oh Libertys, it’s been so long…

  2. How fun to see these photo sets! I was wondering why some of the buildings in the reflections looked familiar. Cool to see that there are wooden escalators too in NY.

    P.S. The last pic is my favourite in this post! How rare to see a pic of you here (or is this the first time?)

    • I had so much fun picking the photos for these last two posts! Although, I’ll stop here with the parallelisms or else we’ll all get jet-lagged 🙂
      And thank you about the last pic 😀 I think I’ve scattered one or two more around, but managed to hide me among the clutter… Not photogenic enough to appear more frequently I’m afraid!

  3. Fabulous photos and beautifully linked!
    I’m totally with you on window shopping vs store shopping. Department stores are so much of a muchness, they’re boring. And it’s such a shame because the bosses are striving so hard to create “a shopping experience”.
    Perhaps that’s where they’re going wrong.

    • Muchness and likeness if I may add! After a while, they all tend to fall under the ”you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” category, product-wise. It’s this luck of originality that made me turn to 2nd hand and vintage shops, in the recent years – that and the ethical factor. x

    • Oh yes, I do so enjoy your shopping posts about things you didn’t buy! And I hope Macy’s keep the escalators for a long time – they’re just about their most interesting feature, in my view!

  4. We would have had a great deal of fun window shopping together! As for the Wild Ride on the Macy’s Escalators? They are still movin’ people along (shaky “people movers”). 🙂

    • We should go then! Perhaps next time our paths cross.
      The escalators? I love those old wooden shaky people movers – there’s something steampunkish about them I find just irresistible! Was so happy to discover them in Macy’s Thanxxx again 🙂

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