New York, like Paris

Visiting Paris a few weeks after the trip to New York felt, in a way, as if I had seen both sides of the coin. Because the two metropolises may be two continents and – indeed – worlds apart but in many ways, they mirror, complement and look up to each other; the vast ocean between them acting as a link rather than a divider.

I’d dare go as far as to claim that even the language barrier (yes, really …!) is being overcome, in a steady albeit slow pace: contrary to common misconceptions, French is increasingly spoken in New York  (at least in Manhattan, from personal encounters). Whether by expats or second generation New Yorkers with connections to parts of the francophone world, this should not come as a surprise given the number of schools and French-English bilingual programmes on offer.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Parisians do appreciate the effort in trying to speak French, but once they sense struggle or catch a couple of R’s rolling too many (the absolute Non-Non), they will helpfully switch to English, which they actually speak very well  – and don’t let them pretend otherwise!

So, while everyone else is raving about the differences between Paris and New York, why don’t we take a look at some of the features they have in common? Those parts of the daily city life that, for all their differences look charmingly, morphologically similar?

Starting with the most celebrated of them all; symbol of alliance, masterpiece of monumental art and engineering, beacon of hope and promise of a better life, welcoming millions of immigrants to the United States, since 1886.

”Liberty Enlightening the World”
was Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi’s name for his gift to the United States from the people of France

Liberty NYCi

There are four ”Liberties” in Paris; this bronze is at the Musée des Arts et Métiers.
If you’d like to know more about the Ladies, their whereabouts and history, jump over to Theadora’s magnificent blog ”Paris: People, Places and Bling” and treat yourself to a bite of Embracing Lady Liberty! C’est délicieux!

Liberty PARi

Rivers, Bridges & Boats

The HudsonBridge NYCi

Boats NYC 2i

The SeineBridge PAR 1i

Boats PARi

Tourists: funny, colourful, annoying, essential part of city lifeFunny tourists NYCi

Funny Tourists PARi

3D FacesFace NYCi

Face PARi

BikesBikes NYC

Bikes PARi

CarsCar NYCi

Car PARi

Social gatheringsCrowd NYCi

Crowd PARi

The Highline & La Promenade Plantée that inspired it and became the model for the Highline parkHigh line NYC 1i

High Line NYC 2i

High Line PAR 1i

High line PAR 2i

 The majestic Flatiron and a mini Paris versionFlatiron NYC

Flatiron PARi

Gothic ArchitectureGothic NYC 1i

Gothic PAR 1i

Markets and Les PassagesMarket NYCi

Market PARi

 Grand Central & Gare du Nord Train station NYCi

Train station PARi

Park ArtPark art NYCi

Park art i

Street ArtWall art NYC 2i

Wall Art PAR 2i

Next, we should go shopping… What do you thing?

Photo sequence: first photo or set from New York, second from Paris.

Photo credits: Shared (Konstantinos & Lia)

New  York, June 2014
Paris, August 2014



18 thoughts on “New York, like Paris

  1. Hello Lia 😀 That’s quite an interesting comparison you did there! The similarities are very obvious when seeing the photos next to each other…i would never imagine that Paris and New York could actually look like!

  2. Heh, heh, heh — I know the New Yorkers are too busy to care about the comparison, but the Parisians are steeped in History. Won’t they be offended by being compared to a “young, upstart” country? 😀
    Excellent and fun comparisons!

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