No trick, just treat: the eclectic Chelsea Market

From the Chelsea Hotel, a brisk fifteen-minute walk towards the Meatpacking District in the South, will bring you to a more fashionable landmark; if you have worked up an appetite that’s great because you have arrived at the most hipsterific indoor food court in town – the Chelsea Market!


Housed in the former National Biscuit Company factory and birthplace of the first Oreo cookie, everything here is set to pamper your taste buds – the only problem is to decide. Perhaps it will help if you take some time to walk all the way to the back (and it may take some time for the temptations are grand and hard to resist): amazing seafood from the Lobster Place, freshly baked bread and quiches from Amy’s and cookies from Eleni’s. Spices and tea and a gift basket shop, cookware and various corners with all kinds of food; and great coffee at the Ninth Street Espresso bar (follow your nose).

But the Chelsea Market isn’t just about food: Google and YouTube (and free wi-fi) are in the building! A designer sales space; a Helmut Lang sample sale was being set up – too bad it wasn’t open yet. And an excellent barber in a corner shop at the back, where you can have your beard trimmed and come out looking like a star of the hipsterati, which makes the pricey 25 dollar bill seem like a small token for the honour. Gentlemen, in your bookmarks please: Decatur & Sons. You’re welcome!




chelsea market21

chelsea market9

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New York, 09th June 2014

Photography: shared credits (Konstantinos & Lia)


14 thoughts on “No trick, just treat: the eclectic Chelsea Market

  1. Looks like an interesting place to spend the day/ afternoon! Wish I had known about the Chelsea Market when I was in NY in 2009 – and I was so close as I was somewhere near The Standard hotel. Next time!

  2. Whatdya know,we’re in the same hood today! Great minds think alike.
    I used to work near there and loved walking through it and buying interesting little food samples. Haven’t been in a while. Your post prompts me to stop by 🙂

    • I hope you do get to see NY soon! As I keep telling everyone here, knowing I’m becoming a complete bore, it’s one of these places that you absolutely must see at least once. Watch this space for more 😀 xxx

  3. Damn and i don’t have a beard 😦 But 25 dollars for a trim? I pay that for a haircut…Well no, actually i cut my hair on my own cause i don’t wanna look like a hipsterati! 😛 Hairdressers are not to be trusted!
    Jokes aside, this place is actually very beautiful! I love brick buildings and this one must be very interesting with all the variety of stores inside 🙂 It looks like a cool place to hang out…

    • Some prices in NYC are ridiculous! I know there are hundreds of places that wouldn’t charge so much but then it wouldn’t have been in the Chelsea Market :)… plus the beard got so many compliments by complete strangers afterwards, so what the heck?
      PS: You cut your own hair seriously?? You’re doing a great job, I say!

  4. I am always in such a rush to get through the Chelsea Market, I miss looking at the fabulous art. And that great zipper bolero — that’s by Sohung Designs. I sent an email three days ago to ask if they can make me a dress with brass zipper detailing on the neckline and the hem to match the brass zipper bolero (your photo). They only had silver. Good eye-for both of us! XO

    • Oooh you’ve got this fantastic bolero? Lucky you!!! Thanks for the name too, a very good reference to keep. They can make your dress, surely? I see everything is hand made and not mass produced, so they would take individual orders? XXX

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