New York Rocks!…

29WP_20140616_21_43_00iWe didn’t linger long in the lobby of the Rockefeller Center; for in spite of our surprise encounter with Brussels’ darling Stromae, we were aiming higher. 70 floors and 260 metres higher.

We made our way through the entrance on 49th street directly to the lifts. Although our pre-booked timed  tickets were supposed to be a queue-free passport, there was still a line ahead for security scanning. But it was moving fast.

Booking tickets in advance is highly recommended and can be done on line, by phone or at the box office. It is worth mentioning that even if you opt for one of the numerous ”city passes” promising line skipping, you will still need to get hold of a ticket.

Entry to Top of the Rock operates under a ”timed” ticket scheme, so if you just walk-in they simply book you on the next available slot, which can be a few hours later. And don’t even think about a non-timed ticket, unless you are an early riser (the first lift goes up at 8 a.m.), in which case I admire your zest and  energy, but no thanks!

Another advantage of booking ahead is that you can choose your time slot. And if you choose wisely and arrive, for example, half an hour before sunset, you will not only enjoy the stunning panorama of New York by daylight, but also catch the first lights shimmering in the dusk. And, as the night progresses, the lights become brighter and brighter until the city glows in the dark, bathing the horizon in a gold sparkling light, as far as the eye can see.

Once in the lift, we reached the first level of the observation deck on the 67th floor, in a matter of seconds. From there on, there are two more levels reachable through escalators and stairs.  Whereas the first two are protected by large glass panels – handy in windy weather – the top level is completely open, giving a magnificent, unobstructed 360° view.

That’s where it downed on me that, contrary to the common saying, it is not lonely at the top. What actually happens is  that you have to elbow, duck and push your way to the good spots, by-passing heads, cameras and tripods, all of them fighting for the best snapshot. But once you manage, the view is breathtaking.

Behold the human capacity for resourcefulness, creativity and ingenuity that created this amazing urban landscape:











30WP_20140616_21_54_02i(Most of the) images by Konstantinos Implikian, save for a couple of mine. Easy to distinguish: besides being a better photographer than I ever will be, Konstantinos’ cell phone boasts a camera far superior to my compact Sony.

New York, 13th June 2014


11 thoughts on “New York Rocks!…

    • I think nowhere in Manhattan is lonely in this sense! Although I expected a lot of people on top, I was still surprised by the numbers… and to think this is non-stop at all hours! That is some flourishing business, that is!… xxx

    • Indeed! I think I’ll be posting some more of those cause I’m fascinated by this verticality. On return to Brussels it seemed so strange that I didn’t have to strain my neck to see the sky. Everything seemed so tiny!

      • I remember having a similar experience after being in Paris for a week and then returning to my home town San Sebastián: The style of the buildings is similar but they were like for dolls, so little. I cannot imagine then the shock: San Sebastián after NY 🙂

  1. What a view 😀 Although i would never want to live in a skyscraper, i’m the always taking the stairs person, i cannot deny that the view from up there is breathtaking 😀 Thank you for sharing it with us Lia! Greetings from the rainy and stormy Greece (where is the summer? :p)

    • Oh no, me neither! Definitely wouldn’t want to live in such a tall building – been through a couple of veeery strong earthquakes so the thought gives me some chills! But to visit for a while is awesome!
      What? Rain in July in Greece? I’d say same here but that’s no news now, is it? I don’t know where the Summer went, I’m reading reports of thunderstorms in NYC too! And ice cold in Australia! I think Summer is having a nice time off around Cyclades and Creta, that’s what! 😀

      • For me, home cinema had to do. But had a very good copy and was very happy! Definitely one of my favourite movies too! Made a note to visit the Ziegfeld next time – hadn’t thought of it all in June! xxx

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