NYC Blues

New York was counting down to the big final. Τhe heat was on and temperature was rising – on land, on line, on air, on TV. Rangers fans took to the parks and the streets and turned them into a rocking block party. On the eve of the big game, the air crackled with electricity.

Alas, the Rangers yielded to the Kings and  the party mood swung West. Swinging grooves made way for icy cool moody blues in NYC.

Friday the 13th, outside Madison Square Garden and over Manhattan Skyline.






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NY Rangers – LA Kings : 2 -3

13 June 2014, Stanley Cup Finals


6 thoughts on “NYC Blues

  1. I’m kinda laughing with the letters on the sky. They didn’t turn out very successful… I’m imagining the pilot being so bored and not even trying to make then look beautiful… 😀

    • They probably miscalculated the wind up there… or they had to hire two planes. I was kinda sorry for the poor pilot: by the time he finished a line, made a full turn and got back into position, it was starting to dissolve. We never saw the full word, but we got the message nonetheless 😉

    • Yes and a bit scary too! We felt like we’re being mobbed walking in the wrong direction as we did. Incredible crowd and all that energy! It actually felt quieter once we were at a distance, which was so rare in NYC… the quite, I mean…

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