Brooklyn Bridge

First impressions:

1.800 metres, hundreds of tourists, thousands of photos, dozens of bikes (some extremely impatient), water & souvenir vendors and maintenance works.

The stone- & iron work, the steel wires, the height, the view.

Can anything beat the neo-gothic beauty of the mighty force that is Brooklyn Bridge?

WP_20140608_15_45_54_i - Copy

WP_20140608_16_01_21_i - Copy

WP_20140608_15_55_02_i - Copy



Photos by Konstantinos Implikian

New York, 08th June 2014



6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge

  1. When you ride your bike to work and you are late, then there are tourists walking 5 abreast looking up…..might have been me ringing that bell. Heh, Heh, Heh!
    I love the Brooklyn Bridge — it is lovely.

  2. Wow! I kinda find such big bridges to be a little bit scary… Maybe because of movies where you see a bridge suddenly fall apart 😛 I really do like the stone work on this one, pure steel is even scarier…

    • I love bridges, both for the construction and architecture and what they stand for. But I agree, too many disaster movies (which I also love) can spook you out. No big disasters on that day though, just the odd near miss bike vs wandering tourist accident 🙂

  3. Isn’t it glorious? I promise that was not me on a Citybike angrily ringing my bell on the narrow bit where everyone gathers…I wouldn’t do that sort of thing 😉
    Glad you’re enjoying the sights, Lia!

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