First, we’ll take Manhattan…

download (1)… that is, once we’ve figured out the basics, like the difference between lettered and numbered subway lines, local and express trains and which of the four ”116th” stations along the 1,73 miles long street, is the one closer to home.

Ah, the little ”perks” of living the first couple of jet-lagged days in gorgeous New York!


12 thoughts on “First, we’ll take Manhattan…

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  2. Welcome to the ‘hood. We’re glad to have you, just don’t expect us to chat when you are asking for directions –our lives are moving too fast.
    If you get really stuck, just email me.

    • Hey, I think my reply got lost too :-)… I was saying: Thank you! I’m thrilled to be here and, no, you guys are great, taking care of confused visitors even in your busy/hectic style. I love it! XO

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