Have you seen…[Hercule Poirot]?



Almost! In my mind’s eye, he was there… The world’s greatest detective, impeccably moustachioed and immaculate in his neat three-piece suit, was rushing out the lobby door in his signature buttock-clenched waddle, ready to investigate the latest mystery murder case; how painfully uncomfortable he looked in his patent leather boots and grey spats! Arthur Hastings, his devoted friend and sidekick, hurried to his side looking lean and smart – and a little bit lost trying to apprehend the fast-pace reasoning of the detective’s ”little grey cells”.

I thought if looked up I’d see Miss Lemon, Poirot’s flawless assistant, making sure Hastings is taking good care of her precious boss, then bidding a court, impatient farewell before going back to sorting out her already perfect filling system.

I saw a lot of ordinary human beings going in and out of Florin Court – I wondered whether they know what their block of flats actually means to the countless fans of the Belgian detective and the ITV series ”Agatha Christie’s Poirot”; or if they even care…


Florin Court – Whitehaven Mansions in Poirot terms – is one of London’s architectural gems of the Art Deco period; built in 1936, with a magnificent curved facade, this 10-storey distinctive feature sits elegantly on the eastern side of the historic Charterhouse Square.


And  it’s just a few rapid dainty Poirot steps away from the Barbican, one of my very favourite haunts in London where I’m sure to be found exploring hallways and corridors and wandering about the walkways – buttocks unclenched!


For more on Whitehaven Mansions (and everything else on ”Agatha Christie’s Poirot” series) please visit the fantastic Investigating Poirot blog.

More images of Florin Court (and a lot more about London, its heritage and culture) on ”The Londonphile”.

Photography by Konstantinos Implikian

London 22-25 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Have you seen…[Hercule Poirot]?

  1. What gorgeous curving lines this building has, like the plot of Hercule’s mysteries. I always preferred Miss Marple to Poirot, I must confess, but maybe I need to reevaluate. Loved learning about this little London spot I knew nothing about
    I have recently been curious about reading some Agatha Christie as I haven’t visited her books since I was a teenager…xo

    • Looking for more images of the building, I came across a flickr account with the title: Curves in all the right places. Couldn’t have said it better!
      I found Miss Marple somewhat annoying but it was a lifetime ago -I might have some reevaluation to do too! xxx

    • You know, we discovered the park is closed to non residents. Very curiously, its two entrances were locked but we saw a couple of people using keys, unlocking then crossing the park instead of walking around it, like we had to. Private park? Hmm… Poirot should investigate! xxx

    • Most of the locations in the series are gorgeous and some are used more than once. Esp ”Whitehaven Mansions” is featured in almost every episode, so after a while I got really curious. And to think they had just 48 hours to shoot the exterior of Florin Court before it was released to its tenants… xxx

    • It appeared in just about every episode I watched so far, so I got curious. Before that I had no idea about Charterhouse Square at all! You’re right: you learn something new every day… xxx

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