LONDON W1F 7DA * A True Romance


A banal phrase like ”one doesn’t need a reason to visit London” wouldn’t be such a cliché if there wasn’t some truth in it. But, while I totally agree, I’m always on the lookout for at least one good excuse to indulge in shopping sprees or long aimless walks, soaking up the energy from the vibrant, celebrated streets of London… when, in fact, I could be doing some long overdue redecoration; or spring cleaning; or find that headboard I’ve been meaning to for the past two years. No, city trips are way more fun! Usually, my good excuse is a cultural event; this time, it was the less intellectual but equally exciting shoe shopping.

About a year and half ago, after browsing through the latest collection of cotton printed shirts at Liberty’s – one of my favourite mood boosts – feeling light headed and adventurous, I dipped into the crazy world of the most bling-pimped-out shoes I had ever seen – in a shop just next door to Liberty’s, called ”Irregular Choice”, on Carnaby Street. Think arrays of shelves with pretty, vintage-inspired footwear; ribbons and flowers; lace and satin in every imaginable colour combination, made by ”Poetic Licence”. Ridiculous and adorable, impossible to resist, I indulged in a pair of wedge summer sandals, golden-pink and sugary romantic. Like all ”Poetic Licence” models, my sandals were given a name: ”True Romance”.


Alas, it didn’t last long: a year later, I had worn them only about 10 times – largely due to the elusive Belgian Summer –  when, one day I felt the ground going loose under my feet. Like stepping on a thick cushion of fresh asphalt, not totally dry yet. At a closer look, I realized that one of the wedge heels had collapsed onto itself from within! Facing the inglorious end of my Romance with dignity, I decided to let the Customer Service know there was a faulty pair on the other side of the Channel and it lay on my feet.

A few very pleasant emails were exchanged, a ”returns form” was completed and the shoes were shipped back to the UK; a couple of weeks later a credit-note disguised as a gift card valid for one year, appeared in my post box – a most courteous and sensible gesture considering the purchase took place in 2012!

It was thus my ”True Romance” ended amiably, replaced by this pair of cute mary janes, complete with a polka dot print, satin bow and glass block heel. Behold my Cinderella fantasy wrapped in a fairy tale box: ”Make a Break”.


DSC01204iMoral of the story –

If you are a buyer: don’t hesitate to let the shopkeeper know about a manufacturing fault, as long as your complain is genuine.

If you are a shopkeeper: kindness and willingness to listen to the customer, always pays off: we went out with two pairs of shoes actually; while getting bored by Cinderella dreams and cupcake footwear, my partner spotted a pair of harlequin-print lace-ups that couldn’t be more peppy if they tried!






14 thoughts on “LONDON W1F 7DA * A True Romance

  1. Delighted to read this as whenever I need a new pair of boots I go to Brussels to buy them! One of the mottos of my life is “Brussels has the best shoe shops in the world”. I NEVER find a shoe shop in London that sells the kind of boots I like, whereas in Brussels I usually find 4 or 5 different designs and then the agony is deciding which ones to buy. I too have been waiting for my current pair to fall apart so I have an excuse to go back to Brussels. Bravo.

    • Oh, what a relief to know I’m not alone! Yes, it may be an agony to choose but then you’d always have a good excuse to come back. You don’t really have to wait for the current pair to fall apart – you just need a pair of boots for Summer, isn’t it?

  2. Oh my. We are kindred spirits indeed! I have followed the growth of this company over a few years now and have bought around 6 pairs. I adore their funky fun designs! Even found brand new Poetic License pair in charity shop for £5!!!!! Enjoy yours xx

    • Of course, that makes sense kindred spirit! I have 3 pairs now and even my partner got the bug – which is great cause I also adore my growing pile of cute boxes! I have yet to find a pair for £5 though (what a treat!!) – need to find out more about charity shops in London! xxx

  3. Good tip to know. I just have to remember to keep the receipts. Have fun walking around Brussels in the new shoes! I’m going to wait for the summer sale to arrive in Paris in July for some shopping 🙂

    • Thanks, I hope it won’t take me a year to wear them this time round! I don’t even know how I kept that receipt for so long, usually I get rid of them quickly. I was planning to send a copy of my credit card statement but something told me to look at my dossier where I keep notes from trips and maps etc. – at it was just there! Fate!

      PS: any tips for shopping in Paris are most welcome 🙂

      • Lucky you!

        I created a Google Map with some shopping addresses in Paris:

        My favourite for clothes:
        * Simone & Lisa B – small place, but it has a good selection of ‘créateurs indépendants’. It’s in the north of le Marais and near to many other boutiques and trendy restos/bars (e.g. Candelaria, Nanashi)
        * SoWeAre – stylish clothes from various designers and it’s near Septime and Pause Café

        At the bottom of the list are some ‘stock’ shops of popular French high-street brands like A.P.C. and Les Petites.

        You’ve probably noticed that I’ve listed several Heschung locations – it’s one of favourite shoe brands (Trippens from Berlin comes in at no. 1) 🙂

      • I just came round to checking your map! Girl, you mean serious business! I should probably do the same, even for Brussels – I keep forgetting addresses so when I’m inspired to go shopping (less and less lately I’ll admit), I’m a bit lost… thank you so much for sharing! I love the area of le Marais and surroundings!

  4. I love Liberty of London and it sounds like you had such fun with your shoe shopping! (what about a photo of those harlequin-print lace-ups?) If you a staying an extra day — maybe you will run into Master along the way. Look for an American with piercing blue eyes. Travel safely. XO

    • Liberty is one of my must-sees every time I’m in London – not least cause I love the building. And that wooden staircase!
      So that’s where Master is! Actually, we were there in March but I’m keeping your well wishes as next short trip (to Paris) is coming up shortly! I will also keep my eyes open, in case I run into him in NY, if he is there in June. xxx

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