Aleksandra Waliszewska



I was acquainted with the strangely attractive world of Aleksandra Waliszewska only recently, while watching The Capsule – a film inspired by her work. I discovered that stepping into Aleksandra’s world is like entering a nightmarish, instinctively violent Wonderland for Grown Ups; a grotesque, mystical fairy-tale, daringly obscene; a world that claws and draws you in its narrow Gothic alleyways and dark haunted forests enveloped in a misty, sweet veil of solace.

For the record: Aleksandra Waliszewska was born in 1976 in Warsaw and is considered one of the bright young things of Poland. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and recipient of a number of scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Culture, she has presented over 20 solo exhibitions. She still lives and works in Warsaw and is obviously a cat person, judging by the strong presence of feline paw prints dancing their mystic rituals all across her work.

Whispers of wisdom carry the common truth in our world and beyond: cat people are magnificent witches artists.

De facto!


You can enjoy Aleksandra Waliszewska’s art on


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11 thoughts on “Aleksandra Waliszewska

    • Thanxxx Jackie! At first I thought I’d change the header photo with every post but then I liked it and decided to keep it – at least for a while. Hope your nuns weren’t as naughty as those girls 🙂 Did you have to do confessions too?

    • No you’re not alone, there’s an atmosphere here… Although AW is not an illustrator her art has a narrative – many of her works tell a story and would actually be ready for use in a book, I find. A more violent, obscene book. Plus they’re both cat persons and bewitching at that 🙂

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