B-XL CPTL * The Perennial Reader

DSC_2643i DSC_2662iThe perennial reader…

delved into the pages of her book


never moving

never looking up

She creeped me out the first time I saw her

now I take comfort in knowing she is there

I always look for her

and she always is…


Photography by Konstantinos Implikian


14 thoughts on “B-XL CPTL * The Perennial Reader

    • Thanxxx… it’s true, the first time I saw the girl she looked so real I approached her slowly and sideways as if I was afraid to startle her… kept thinking what if she is? real?… on a less creepier note, I’ve been to the restaurant only once: not very thought provoking, just very good french cuisine!

  1. “Don’t jump down” (you might break a leg…) Very cool installation. Is the second photo to focus on the bottles balancing precariously, like the reader?

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