B-XL CPTL * Metamorphic Ontology

DSC_2629i DSC_2633i

*Metamorphism: a pronounced change in the constitution of rock effected by pressure, heat, and water that results in a more compact and more highly crystalline condition [from the Greek prefix meta, meaning “after” or “beyond,” and morphos,  morphē  – shape] 

Ontology: the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being [from Greek ōnont- ‘being’ + -logy]

Chocolate has the ability to be ground into small particles (weathered), heated, cooled and compressed just like rocks. Unlike rocks this can all be done safely and at reasonable temperatures, using the chocolate to create sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous chocolate and at the end of it all can make a tasty treat.

J Pop idol Heavy Metal = Kawaii Metal Frilly Cuteness: Give me Chocolate!

Photography by Konstantinos Implikian





17 thoughts on “B-XL CPTL * Metamorphic Ontology

  1. I’m kinda afraid to click on the song, i don’t wanna sing about chocolate all day long…hahaha. Babymetal??? That sounds very hardcore though…I think i’ll try to listen to this later when i’ll feel a bit more brave ^_^

      • That sounds very tempting, ok you convinced me, i will listen to it now……………Well…I feel like a chocolate fondue is brewing in my brain and chocolate will soon start pouring out of every pore of my being…Thank you for this experience!!! hehehe 😀

    • When it comes to Japan nothing surprises me really, it’s a whole different planet! They make even heavy metal seem… adorable!?! But here in Belgium we have our pluses too, namely chocolate. Nope, can’t complain 😀

    • Words are unnecessary!… How can they describe the cutest, frilly-twirly heavy metal group EVER?!? Must be addictive like real chocolate too – I woke up with this song in my head this morning! 😀

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