B-XL CPTL * Chromosomal Mutations

DSC_2646i DSC_2625i DSC_2624i DSC_2700i* Chromosomes and genes can alter as a result of structural changes. These changes are called mutations. The original state can usually not be re-established. The loss of hereditary information is irreversible.

Photography by Konstantinos Implikian


13 thoughts on “B-XL CPTL * Chromosomal Mutations

  1. Thank you Jackie! *-* I set out your intellectual property rights declaration to dievca… while waiting for response, how about inviting everyone to a couple of cool belgian beers at the bar? It was opened by Frederic Nicolay, a well known entepreneur in our neck of the woods, who specialises in opening fancy cafes, then selling them once they take off! He also has his own beer, Volga, sold in all these cafes. With alcohol content ranging between 3.9 to 8.8 merry spirits guaranteed!

    • Hehe, you had missed the gentleman because of the shoes and Rubyfoot had missed the detail on the heels beause of the gentleman! I, on the other hand, missed the size totally but no matter cause Jackie has set out her intellectual property laws very clearly! Tell you what, how about a nice beer or two at the bar?

      • I will take the beer. When the Irish get their dander up, they are fierce fighters. Right, Jackie? A beer will be more ‘gezellig’– we can talk fashion, good looking photographers and traveling. Trifecta!

  2. Beautiful photographs as always!
    Yes! I see the mutation from the bar stool to the dress clearly and from there to the shoes and then to the row of buses. And the good looking man in the shoe photo makes it all even nicer 😉

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