B-XL CPTL * Front Row | Red Carpet

DSC_2626iDSC_2654i DSC_2659iDSC_2630i

Synergic colours : variations in Tuna and Foie Gras; second hand high-end luxury  & fashionable tin can colour bloc(k). 

Photography by Konstantinos Implikian


19 thoughts on “B-XL CPTL * Front Row | Red Carpet

    • Thank you! I find it interesting how completely unconnected products are displayed in much the same fashion – not to mention the difference some gorgeous packaging can make on even the humblest of products: tinned tuna! Shots were taken in two shops: Les Enfants d’Edouard is a second-hand high-end cloths and accessories shop and Titulus a little wine bar where one can try wine and all sorts of delicatessen and then buy the products for home too!

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