Museum Night Fever 2014 @ Brussels


The Penguin Dance by Lia & Friends: my apartment on Saturday

It was a tough day last Saturday… It started with a cold, that was circling my partner and had already knocked out half the population at work, finally catching up with me. It involved a fuse going off in the boiler, the very one that sends heat to the radiators. Although temperatures are abnormally high for this time of the year, this is still Brussels. In February. On a totally unrelated note, a passport (not mine) went AWOL; it was needed for a working trip the following day, so while I was calling every number in the book that seemed like a reliable heating repair service, on the other hand I felt compelled to help look for the missing document. At work. A dozen phonecalls, a fruitless witch-hunt and a few hours later, exhausted, sick and 500(!) euros poorer, the heating was back on and the passport was missing. It still is.

The essential antidote to all those middle class domestic tragedies was the 7th edition of Museum Night Fever, an event uniting 24 Brussels museums in one huge multidisciplinary party. The night, like all events that involve young, creative people was packed with music, performances, installations; and crowds. Even with my bleary eyes and pumpkin nose I was still absorbed by the general gaiety until the small hours.

Starting point: the pop-up bar at Bozar to get warmed up.

DSC00791aA pass, that can be bought on-line or on the spot, gives access to all participating museums and that includes all their current exhibitions. We saw ”As sweet as it gets”, Michaël Borremans’ solo exhibition that just opened at Bozar. It is very large, very very interesting and I’ll come back on it with more.

DSC00792aWalking through artwork: installations by Christina Iglesias at BozarDSC00801At CinematekDSC00802a DSC00803 DSC00809The NightwatchDSC00811This must have been the smallest disco in the world! But it came complete with party lights and a dance floor for 10 people!
Gratefully the smoke machine was pumping smoke on the outside: DSC00812a DSC00815 DSC00816 DSC00818Square BrusselsDSC00820


Revolutions are celebrated when they are no longer dangerous

ATK! (Ofer Smilansky and Isjtar) occupied the Main Auditorium of La Monnaie/De Munt with electronic music and strobe lights on the theme of revolution. And the audience occupied the stage showing their support. What an amazing feeling to lay down on the smooth wooden floor where so many artists have walked, sang and danced their way to stardom before the majestic auditorium! The strobe light was so strong it blinded the camera! For the lucky few, there would be a sleepover in the orchestra pit. They would fall asleep to live music and be woken to a song by a soprano. All they had to do was send  a photograph of their ‘everyday revolution’, be between 18-35 years old and get lucky. For the rest of us, the non-eligible middle-age group, it was a taxi ride home to a comfy warm bed and a nice cup of tea! DSC00829a DSC00834a

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian
Saturday, 22 February 2014


12 thoughts on “Museum Night Fever 2014 @ Brussels

  1. Very jealous of Brussels right now. That sounds like one of those evenings that live on in memory, cold or no cold. Hope your sinuses were unclogged by the sight of that neon and your senses were all as stimulated as mine looking at the pics and reading. Miss those nights like these! Feel better x

    • Said she who resides in the City of my Dreams! But I do like Brussels, never once regretted that I made it my home! Not to forget it’s also very close to Paris where, I was just reading, Dries’ exhibition opens tomorrow! How very exciting! Cold totally forgotten! Have you booked your tickets yet?

    • I love these open-door-late-night-festival kind of events; there’s always so much positive energy and really cool stuff going on, that’s why I didn’t wanna miss it… I figured I could collapse and be totally miserable all day on Sunday. Which is of course what happened! Hope you get rid of your cold fast!

  2. I hope you are feeling better and this Museum Night was fabulous! I resent the fact that the middle age group didn’t get to have their own sleepover…..So, does the mini-disco continue while the truck moves? XO

    • Yeah, so much for the revolution which was the general theme of the eve! It was first time we saw the disco and it was parked. I’ll keep an eye around town to see if I can spot it moving, that would be even more fun! The only other time I saw something similar was the gay pride – all trucks were moving discos then! xxx

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