Antwerp underground

Opulence and shopping aside, one of our favourite walks in Antwerp was partly underground. Although nowadays the city extends on both sides of the river Scheldt, there are no bridges to connect them. To cross the river one must go through tunnels.

Inspired by a route posted by fellow blogger Angelina Hue earlier in the year, we set off to follow her trail. Besides keeping a very interesting blog where East meets West and everything in-between, Angelina is also a great photographer; no further persuasion was needed!

Sint-Annatunnel connects the city centre with the left bank and is dedicated to pedestrians and bicycles. Opened in 1933, it descents over 30 metres underground and is remarkably well preserved in its original form – including these long, wonderfully retro, wooden escalators :





It looks infinite but it is not; it’s a 572 metre long tunnel where people walk, run and bike to and from the left bank:



Attempting to capture a panoramic view…


… but it soon got dark…



We didn’t explore the left bank walkways this time; all the more reason we should return soon!


All photos by Konstantinos Implikian.

Antwerp, 26-28 October 2013


8 thoughts on “Antwerp underground

  1. Very cool! I love that people bike the tunnel.
    As a side note — if you want to see a wooden escalator in the US, visit Macy’s in NYC. It is so heavily used, I am surprised that it is still running…

    • What I found curious is that people do their jogging routine in the tunnel too! The air conditioning is good though…
      And Macy’s escalator included in my notebook. I’m planning a trip to NYC next summer actually, so every tip is welcome!

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