The Snowman (1982), animated film; based on a story by Raymond Briggs

220px-The_Snowman_posterA mellow antidote to the Craze and Exhaustion, habitual vices of contemporary Christmas cult(ure), the buy-consume-party hard lot. One I can happily declare having attained a healthy distance from, achieved over meticulously choreographed sidesteps and years’ observation. I find that keeping shutters closed to faux grandeur lets true gems such as the coloured pencil hand drawn beauty of The Snowman, shine all the more brightly.

Only discovered it a few years ago, it has since become a ritual, a household tradition lending a warm, human touch to these short, sparkly days of excess, a reminder of the true Christmas spirit.

I watch it every time with renewed affection and it always works like a time machine; it teleports me back to a time of sweet, careless, innocent childhood, when I was just a wide-eyed kid, Santa Claus was real and snowmen could fly. And because it gives me the perfect excuse to listen again to the original version of ”Walking in the air” performed by that St. Paul’s Cathedral choirboy, Peter Auty who went on to become one of Brittain’s leading tenors. There have been many versions of the song recorded subsequently, but this combination is pure magic.




Watch & listen ”The Snowman” and ”Walking in the air” here:

Scan YouTube for different versions with original introductions by Raymond Briggs or by David Bowie.


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