All of time and space…



It began years ago, before I was aware… the love-hate relationship my thyroid and I share. Less than a protecting shield, more like an angry butterfly spreading havoc in a few brisk flutters of its wings. As any fellow-thyroid sufferer will know it takes only the slightest flutter {mechanism and reasons unknown} to imbalance our complex and highly sensitive human machines for life.

So here I am, recovering again, as once was not enough for my little restless flapper. After years of leaving in relative peace the truce was broken; drastic action had to be taken to tame it once and for all. A second operation later, weak but still here, surrounded by a growing collection of medicinal boxes of various sizes, colours and tastes, cocooned in a warm blanket and understanding loving arms, beast silenced hopefully for ever, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for. It has nothing to do with a fat stuffed turkey and all to do with the beauty that’s life. To borrow from the programme that kept (me) going through high times and low and celebrated its 50th anniversary on the eve of my operation: all of time and space; everything that ever happened or ever will… when do you want to start?


First two sculptures by Dale Dunning. Last sculpture by Glenys Barton. Via tumblr:


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