Electronic Arts Festival, 2013 Edition @ Bozar. [Cross]breeding Electronica.

You know you’ve come full circle when you start posting about recurring events… assuming you pay no attention to this  little surprise popping up on your anniversary that is… (I did pay attention, it feels kind of nice, doesn’t it)? So now that it’s tacked for posterity in my ”awards” pocket, I can rest on my laurels, be a good ”established” blogger and go on with my virtual life and chatty posts.

My very first one was about Ryoichi Kurokawa’s rheo: 5 horizons impressive audiovisual installation, from the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival [BEAF] 2012 edition. Another yearly event I wouldn’t want to miss, where, in the time-space of three days and nights Bozar becomes the pulse of electronic culture in Brussels; there is music, audiovisual installations and performances – a total immersion in the world of digital arts.

A lot of interesting – and some weird – things were on the agenda this year; here are some that caught my attention:


Evolution of a Hybrid, a worldwide artistic breeding project, by conceptual artist Koen Vanmechelen (BE). Quoting from his website: “His work, an ode to life, revolves around two major themes: biocultural diversity and identity. His artistic tool is gallus gallus, the chicken, and its egg…. Central to this art project is a chicken crossbreeding project. More specifically, the artist interbreeds domestic chickens from different countries aiming at the creation of true cosmopolitan chicken as a symbol for global diversity”.

A crossbred gallus gallus inspecting his next-in-line, growing up inside their eggs:

Cycloïd – ε, cod.act – André & Michel Décosterd (CH)

A kinetic telescope orbiting around itself in what seems like infinite combinations, making hypnotic ”cosmic sounds”:DSC00289

Here things got weirder: Axo, I read on their website, is a hardware platform established by Belgian researcher Johannes Taelman, to help artists perfect their sound installations. We saw steampunk-like, gesture-sensitive  instruments; they belong to the Logos Foundation, an experimental music centre from Ghent responsible, among others, for the <m&m> Robot Orchestra: dancers and musicians use gesture-sensitive instruments to control sound with their bodies! An even stranger contraption, so strange it refused to be photographed, was a box with touch-sensitive fruits and vegetables, each producing a unique sound.  Nice to know how a pineapple would sound if it could talk…
But it was the Music part we were more excited about. The Bozar main auditorium, usually reserved for more conventional concerts, was transformed that evening:
Then the lights went off, the screen became alive and this guy appeared:
Jon Hopkins (UK)

A London based producer and musician, long-term collaborator of Brian Eno, played for us some wonderful instrumental music, dark bass electro alternating with solo piano. Needless to mention that he had the audience up on their feet (or chairs to the detriment of Bozar staff, no doubt), halfway through his performance.

Just listen; I see you on your feet one minute into it:

Audience warmed up, time for change of act:
Modeselektor (DE) took over and the evening took off… it was supposed to be Moderat but their one -very important- third, Sascha Ring had a serious motorbike accident a few days before and hurt his leg… a couple of operations later, he is now recovering and planning new tour dates. A very versatile group, when Sascha Ring is not on stage they revert to Modeselektor format: less dark and introvert, more party people:

Bozar, Electronic Arts Festival 2013
Rue Ravenstein 23 
1000 Bruxelles

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


8 thoughts on “Electronic Arts Festival, 2013 Edition @ Bozar. [Cross]breeding Electronica.

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  2. I got Jon Hopkins record a couple of years ago! Still straggle to find time and give it the time it deserves! Nice post, would love to be there and put our PM to the fruit test and really hear what he sounds like, although it would probably be “DUNG”.

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