Party Epimythium

I’ve had a brilliant time these past few days!

Last Sunday, I joined the most wild, fashionable and stylish crowd in a virtual party masterminded by the incredible Miss Bentley of Maison Bentley Style; I mingled, chatted away, drank, danced, dozed off and then drank some more… But, most of all, I met an extraordinary group of creative, talented people; interestingly, the common denominator that brought us together was fashion rather than art. Or should I say fashion, as a form of art?

mcqueen metImage from Savage Beauty, Alexander McQueen exhibition, The Met Museum

Later on, I was awestruck by the witty and devilishly funny performances of Willem Dafoe and Mikhail Baryshnikov, in Robert Wilson’s adaptation of Daniil Kharms’ absurd story ‘The Old Woman’… A woman that never turns up.

old_womanA full ”report” coming up soon!

I had some refreshing walks on-, under- and over-ground in Antwerp and was blown away literally, by strong gusts of wind, fortunately only an echo of the devastating storm that hit the UK. Back in Brussels, the after party continued; there was -and still is- so much to discover! To top it all up, yesterday I was welcomed by my colleagues with a surprise breakfast in the office: it was my birthday and the party went on!

And finally, with your help, I have decided who I’ll be tomorrow night: The Bride of Frankenstein. It was actually a tie between her and the Pop Art Zombie, but that was before I cast my vote! Is it just me or do you also see a resemblance to Daphne Guinness?


Image The Bride of Frankenstein, via My Modern Met and Reddit

But, because none of the above would have happened without you: my friends, old and new, ‘virtual’ and ‘real’; my cherished, understanding partner, without whom life would be a long, boring trick with no treat; my dear colleagues for all your support…


pumpkinHalloween Pumpkin, Image by Konstantinos Implikian

Happy, Creepy, Enchanting Halloween!

19 thoughts on “Party Epimythium

  1. Thanxxxx :-)) The Old Woman is definitely worth seeing, just as the McQueen exhibition I’m sure… only I missed that one, as I could not schedule a trip to NY back then, sigh sigh sigh…

    Have fun with your pumpkins tonight, I hope you get looots of treats!

  2. “The Old Woman” sounds like it might have been marvelous! Gelukkige Late Verjaardag — Hip Hooray! I am planning to carve my pumpkins this evening — yours looks great. BTW, did you get to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Met?

  3. Oh, happy birthday for yesterday Lia! It was fun meeting you at the party. Loving your blog! Nice to see my choice of vote coincided with yours – great minds and all that 🙂

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