Welcome to the Maison Bentley Style Blog Party!!


Whether here for the PARTY or just passing by, come on in… You’ll meet some wonderful people brought together by the formidable Ms Bentley, mingle, chat, have a drink or three, have fun! Here! try some of my dynamite home-made cocktail, inspired by the occasion… It’s called ”The Maison Bentley Style Tonic Launch”, it’s delicious and not-so-innocent and once you’ve tried it you’ll get hooked!

bubble glamourfrom dreams & sleepwalking

I have to dash now to another intriguing event: Bob Wilson is bringing ”The Old Woman” to Antwerp, where I’ll get to see Mikhail Baryshnikov AND Willem Dafoe together on the same stage, looking something like this:

The Old WomanYou see why I couldn’t miss it?

I’ll join you as soon as I can for some after party titbits and tell you all about the Baryshnikov/Dafoe experience, but in the meantime you can make yourself at home, perhaps flick through some pages for more inspiring performances, awesome exhibitions, interesting films and travels to places you know and some others you don’t…

And while you are at it, perhaps you could help me choose my Halloween outfit please? The night of nights is almost here and I’m still hesitating between these three; which one should I go for?  Pale beauty of the Bride of Frankenstein, Pop Art Zombie or the mysterious, dark Skeleton?

tumblr_mv4rlllLqj1srebbzo1_500 tumblr_mv4rn4aL1S1srebbzo1_500tumblr_mv4rp060qv1srebbzo1_500

Thanks for joining in… Hope to see you again soon!

Take care,

Lia xxx


38 thoughts on “Welcome to the Maison Bentley Style Blog Party!!

  1. Merci pour tous les “Like”, chère invitée (je vis à Marseille !). J’adore Willem Dafoe ! Moi, je choisirais le maquillage “Pop Art Zombie” ! Take care, and recover from Sunday’s crazy party ! Mayann xxx

  2. The Bride, The Bride! Though I do rather like the popart zombie. Sorry, I am fashioanably late, I have been travelling… besides all the mischief takes place at the after parties, everybody knows that!!

    • Likewise CrazyBagLady! Thanks for visiting and helping with my costume… I’ve already started my trip through your creative pages… better late than never, hey? a:-) Going back there now…

      • Great to meet you too. By the way, is it halloween already?! It looks like you’re talking to ghosts! I think you meant to approve the comments that you are replying to! Because I’ll be in and out today, I edited my wordpress settings so that I don’t need to approve new commenters – their comments will just automatically be shown on my blog.

      • Well certainly getting in the mood!.. Good point about approving comments, I’m on the road using a W app for mobiles but just installed and haven’t checked out settings! I went into the site and hope I have approved all pendings now…

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  4. I am GREEN with jealousy….so green that I won’t need a Halloween costume. Barishnikov AND Willem Dafoe? Too much. You lucky girl. I can’t wait to hear all about it….

    • I know right? And the whole performance orchestrated by Wilson? I mean what more could a girl ask for (apart from an Onassis boat and Kate’s fab dress and a party and chatting with friends on the net)?

    • Brilliant piece of work isn’t it? There where a lot of zombies around Antwerp yesterday, attracting photographers’ attention and big crowds! But I still like this pop art one better 😉 I’ll be going through your pages asap… wait! do I see cupcakes?? I’d better hurry!

  5. Yaaaaay! So good to have you here!! mmmm that Tonic Launch has a powerful kick!! For me it HAS to be Bride of Frankenstien..that spooky glamour!! Now don’t get too distracted by Mikhail and Willem..although…I would!!!! xxxxx

    • Ooh glad you like my kick starter… you see I came prepared :-)) The Bride is my persoal fav… but then I saw the others and started having second thoughts! I posted them on tumblr a few days ago and one one of them was an immediate hit… I’ll compare notes at the end of the day…s after a couple of bottl… drinks and see who is the winner overall… xxx

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