Paris colours *Green*

Most of Paris lives in compact but *hugely* expensive flats over its trendy spiralling arrondissements or in alienating apartment blocks tucked away in the banlieues…
But it breathes, picnics, falls in love and gets suntanned in elaborately designed gardens and tree-lined boulevards; shady parks where the naive, the notorious and people of sin, bask side by side, in luxurious Green…

A tiny flat with a divine view; can you believe mere mortals live here?


Much as I wouldn’t mind a tiny pied-à-terre in Paris, happily you don’t need one to admire the view. And if you, like me, would rather avoid the idleness of a tourist site queue, take an antidote: a brisk hilly walk to the Belleville park. Not too high to climb, quite low in tourist guides, all the more appreciated by the multi-ethnic, hip crowd that call the Belleville neighbourhood home.



Belleville park is perched on a hill in the 20th arrondissement. If you haven’t had enough of Paris panorama, this is the place to be…



… it may involve a bit of a workout but you are totally rewarded by the view…


There is even a bit of a park art and graffiti.



DSC_2312i DSC_2310iBelleville architecture. This could well have been a seaside resort. DSC_2313i


Back to more luscious green.



And a little corner with nature’s non-ticking clocks in full bloom.


Parc de Belleville
47 Rue des Couronnes, Paris
M2 Couronnes,
M2, M11 Belleville

Paris, 28-30 June 2013

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


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