Paris colours *Gold*

…In every shade, size or shape, pure or ornately adorned, 
gold is omnipresent in the Parisian landscape…

Gold is the Future!.. RoboCop proclaimed, showing off his gold-chic, made-to-measure, design armour…


Gold is Posh in Champs-Élysées.
Gilded dinosaur fossils on display. Art installation is free; clothes and accessories worth their stitches in gold, even during the sales… A Tyrannosaurus had escaped and was later found guarding the Seine, looking for his creator.





DSC_2202Gold is Opulent in Le Montparnasse 1900.
Splendid Parisian Art Deco… To catch the feeling of la Belle Époque we sat inside. Real Parisians take their coffee outside, on the covered pavement:  the ultimate Parisian experience. True to the tradition of brasseries in the city of light, the coffee was terrible. DSC_2156



We were walking along the river when we saw what looked like a gold wedding ring glittering on the ground. Perfectly timed, by what seemed a pure coincidence, a gypsy man appeared (from where?) picked up the ring, looked at it admirably, longingly, then turned to us: I don’t need this ring, please take it… pour le bonheur, pour le bonheur (for good luck)… All I need is to buy a sandwich, could you spare some cash?… said he, coming on to us, too close for comfort… We reached for some coins: take these and the ring, you’ll need it (please go away!)… Non, non, the man insisted: I give you the ring, all I need is 5 euros for a sandwich, please, pour le bonheur

Thus he became the owner of our 5 euros and we became the lords of the ringpour le bonheur

Paris, 28-30 June 2013

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


7 thoughts on “Paris colours *Gold*

    • Thanxxx! That’s one of the benefits of living in Brussels… just over an hour and you take your afternoon walk by the Seine! Ring sits together with other bits from Paris… an unexpected souvenir… perhaps I should bite it to see if it’s real gold!

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