Paris Colours *Blue*

DSC_2182Athens to Paris with a stop in Brussels to change suitcases
*Coming home is always a relief*
End of June… beginning of Summer
Three days in Paris, all with different colours

Parisian promotion of a magnificent past; even in not-so-charming quartiers like the Montparnasse, there is a barrage of name-dropping:



DSC_2175i DSC_2179iFirst port of call, Tea & Tattered Pages… dusty and musty, firmly closed; a sad announcement still on… deep blue for contemplation…DSC_2150A random walk, to lift the spirits…

DSC_2176Tour Montparnasse. Gray-blue sky rise. The best way to look at it, is from the inside; the view over Paris is breathtaking. From street-view it’s a depressing mass of metal and glass. DSC_2149Blue reflections on the monument to General Marie Pierre Kœnig (1898–1970) for his accomplishments during WWII. The inscriptions reads, “General Koenig, know that you are the pride of France”. In a park in Porte Maillot, across the Palais de Congres.DSC_2192A car maker with a french touch. Ultra stylish special case for the lady’s parasol. There is Peugeot and then, there is not-Peugeot.DSC_2195

Paris, 28-30 June 2013

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


8 thoughts on “Paris Colours *Blue*

    • I never got to fly in a concord either. Took them for granted, thought I had all the time in the world, one day I woke up and concords were grounded! One of my little regrets, but I got my lesson:-)

  1. Tea & tattered pages … Thank you for the little trip! It just goes to show that it is the will of people to keep such friendly and humane places open and running. And so agree with the comment about the skyscraper. We give away our view of a friendly sky for a quick glimpse of an overview of the city…

    • I do hope they’ll find a way to keep it and open up again! As you say, it is such little gems that make cities humane… as opposed to the skyscrapers… Although Paris has a more ”breathable” open skyline than other cities of its size…

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