Film & TV: 3 Women

Robert Altman had a dream… He didn’t fully understand it so he turned it into a film… It was about three women…

3 Women (1977) – Robert Altman

3_women.dvd_Summary Plot: In an isolated town in the Californian desert, against the backdrop of a geriatric spa-clinic, three women meet: the confident, delusional Milly; the timid, nosy Pinky; the pregnant artist Willie, wife of an ex-cowboy stuntman and owner of the local hangout. Their lives form a strange bond after a bizarre and dramatic sequence of events.

Recommended: ♥♥♥♥♥

A dreamlike, photogenic, multilayered, Persona-like film where the characters clash, then meld into each other. So dreamlike, that there were scenes when I was not entirely sure whether the characters were ‘meaning‘ it or ‘faking‘ it. Great (awarded) performances and improvisation as opposed to reading from a script.

As many before me, I discovered the great mural art of Bodhi Wind. I looked him up; not a lot can be found about this artist who, sadly, passed away far too early, but I did come across Ruth’s enlightening article and links:


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2 thoughts on “Film & TV: 3 Women

  1. Watched it some 20-25 years ago and was totally in awe! Like a psychedelic trip! For years I didn’t know who directed it (found out through looking for the woman with the amazingly huge eyes) or what it was about. Nice to see it here!

    • I love films with this kind of dreamy quality and 70s psychedelia! And Shelley Duvall was smashing! I hadn’t expected her to be so, next to Sissy Spacek, but she was!! Not to mention her -to die for- wardrobe… iconic!

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