Film & TV: Barbarella (1968)

Barbarella (1968) – Roger Vadim

When I first watched Barbarella – ages ago – it must have been a different version or I had just missed the opening titles… Otherwise I would have remembered this:


Now, this was definitely the ”good” version! This film has everything: a weightless striptease, a space cabin dressed with fur:


A cage with carnivorous parakeets:


‘The Excessive Machine’, Dr Durand Durand’s instrument of infinite pleasure:


A sexy lesbian Tyrrant:

anita double

A blind angel who doesn’t make love… he is love:


Paco Rabanne costumes and an outrageously fury one with a tail:

And, above all a blond, fluffy, goofy Fonda and a pile of gorgeous poster art:

Recommended: ♥♥♥♥♥

Watch Barbarella for what it is: an unbearably light, bizzare sci-fi film with outlandish sets and costumes; sheer silliness or escapism when reality gets too ‘real‘. If an actor of Fonda’s calibre could’ve had the guts to pull it off (even if just to please her husband), the least you could do is watch with respect, people!

In absence of summary plot, I figure this post says it all:


9 thoughts on “Film & TV: Barbarella (1968)

    • Sheer silly pleasure! And I totally agree with you, this film wouldn’t be made today – impossible. At least not with players of such calibre. So far all plans for a remake went down the drain – fortunately; because, you know, I’d rather keep it that way!

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