Film & TV: Klute (1971)

Klute (1971) –  Alan J. Pakula

Starring:  Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Cioffi


IMDb Plot Summary: A small-town detective searching for a missing man has only one lead: a connection with a New York prostitute.

My Plot Summary: John Klute is a private detective hired to investigate the murder of a businessman after FBI reaches a dead-end. Bree Daniels, an aspiring actress-model-call girl, is his only lead.  After a lot of hesitation and a few cat & mouse tricks, Bree agrees to help and cooperate with Klute and together they embark on an adventure where infatuation, mystery, peril and occasional brushes with death become routine.

Recommended: ♥♥♥♥♥

Even though Sutherland with his permanently slightly freaky expression carries the title role brilliantly, there is no mistake: this is very much a Fonda film. And one of her acting life’s top performances. Not bad, considering she wanted to pull out, fearing she wouldn’t be able to get into it! Doubts aside, she brought a lot of herself into this self-destructive, agonising role; from her very convincing improvisations to her iconic look, everything was her own; down to those boots:


She said during an interview: ”When I see the movie it makes me sad because it’s hard to make movies like that now. One of the things that strikes everyone when they see it is that in those days, you could make movies–if you were working with a great director like Alan Pakula–where you take time. Where silences are allowed to happen. Where behaviour is allowed to evolve–without constant cutting, editing, and hurrying. It’s very striking this movie because it’s so good. It holds up even though there are these times of silence, which I really treasure. It’s a wonderful movie on every level. The lighting, the directing, the soundtrack, the cinematography…everything”.





I found this extensive review from Dan Callahan in Bright Lights quite enlightening.


4 thoughts on “Film & TV: Klute (1971)

  1. Another film that I need to pull off the shelf. Speaking of platforms to share and remind, I am enjoying searching through some older posts of yours Lia. From a fellow (real) film enjoyer!!!

    • Thank you so much Dan, feels really good to be in good company! Speaking of reminding, chatting about mushrooms and films, you’ve reminded me of another gem I saw recently: Candy of 1968. I’m sure you’d enjoy it very much! Must do a little post about it too…

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