Athenis Mea Purgatorio…

… for purification or temporary punishment; one vital step before reaching the ultimate goal: the Land of the Carefree, somewhere between golden sand and clear blue waters… Depending on the general mood barometre, Athens is beastly beautiful, pretty beautiful or just plainly beautiful. I always enjoy my random walks in this city which, by the way, I found no less safe than Brussels. The fact that Athenians are demonstrating their despair and anger against austerity measures, imposed mainly on the low-income population, does not render the place dangerous. Ignorance and panic -inherent or imported- on the other hand, does.

Athens, beginning of June; locals not in their highest spirits but there’s always hope for better days in summer. We, visitors from the North but locals in our genes, with extra free time to spend, felt the need to acclimatize, go back to favourite places and make sure they’re all in their place, find out what’s new, get the buzz…  Athens is going through a lot of changes. Here she is, seen through our eyes…

Could you believe this is one of the most expensive streets in the centre of Athens? Top range boutiques, architecture offices and law firms. I often wonder who can afford these apartments… Are they as ugly on the inside? Valaoritou street. View from Brazilian cafe


This ancient man could not walk unassisted but he could still light a cigarette(!)…


This one stared at us staring at him, then got bored and turned to check who else is passing…


Whereas this fellow wouldn’t give a toss!


Cinema Asty (a lot of Greek in the link, but you get the idea), in Korai Square. Housed in a ’30s building, an historic cinema that somehow managed to keep its shabby charm. The vintage film posters hanging all over the place, help. I love to take a break, just sit and stare at them. This poster reminded me I need to watch Theorema urgently. 


Mother and daughter chatting about everything and nothing over a crocheted doily… Coffee is coming… Simply delicious…


The view on our way to the coffee shop…


It took just about all our lives to notice these rocks, for the first time! On our way home, in Kallithea. The lady is totally indifferent to what is the last piece of natural environment, visible in her neighbourhood. Kallithea – ironically – means ‘Good view’… it has certainly seen better days! This little piece of nature, is now well hidden behind cement buildings and infrastructure. Urban jungle…


Still on our way home: a piece of trashy marketing I just have to share; about kick boxing, self-defense lessons for ladies. ”Learn (easily, in three months only),

How to protect:

♥ Your Life

♥Your Honour

♥Your Esteem

To remain always young and beautiful

Learn before it’s too late!!!”


Athens, 03-06 June 2013

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian

… to be continued …


4 thoughts on “Athenis Mea Purgatorio…

  1. Isn’t it peculiarly normal, how different each Athenian sees the same city? I completely love my city and still can’t bear to live in it. I seek the lovely spots and try not to look at the ugly sides, even when they pop up more regularly, lately. Probably our paths have crossed, but nobody knew! Let’s see the world through photos.

    • Vassili, I completely love your city too… I consider it a little bit my city too, as in the usual greek style, a lot of my family members moved there over time. I also lived in Athens for extended periods of time and now share my life with a true Athenian. Yes, I think our paths may have crossed and hope they do so in the future, so that I can continue looking at your beautiful photos!

  2. My grandparents, although Scottish lived in Athens and my father was born parents still own a place in Greece and it has a special place in my heart, as does Athens.. xxx

    • Oh dear! I just found this among he spams(!!), which I’m checking very rarely to clean it up… thank you demon of web admin! It never ceases to amaze me how we all seem to be somehow connected in this small world! Although I’m from the North, Athens is very special to me too. Not only from afar, I lived/worked there for some time during the 2004 Olympic Games. Good times these were… Are you visiting your parents’ place sometimes? xxx

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